How Lucy

Fundamentally change your financing operations with real time, AI credit decisioning.

Pre-qualify credit application processes

Lucy is a fintech framework that enables dealers to dynamically match a borrower to various financial institutions’ credit parameters. This improves conversions and allows for risk mitigation for financial institutions to get more non-prime consumers financed.

Lucy acts as a customer credit management (CCM) platform that manages every aspect of the non-prime communications funnel for acquisition and nurturing of clients.

Using a predictive AI loan-matching platform or API, dealers approve more non-prime borrowers.
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Custom Analysis

Lucy performs realtime analysis of any credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion or Experian.

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Easy Interpretation

Lucy also searches for favorable credit behavior and summarizes "positive points that can help negotiation with financial institutions".

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Smart Scoring

Lucy scores consumers based on the interpretation the system makes from credit bureaus.

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Integration Flexibility

Lucy scales with your technology ecosystem. (ERP, DMS, CRM, Portal, etc.)

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